Facebook Reflections

Please don’t be offended,
If I didn’t like this or that I shared that.
If our opinions don’t align
or your cause differs from mine.

If you’re gonna post expecting a reaction
Keep in mind the actions and mindset your post finds me in,  

So I didn’t like your shared location?
Let me share where I’m likely located?
In Bed
At a red light,
In between bites
maybe in-flight
in a meeting
at a reading
waiting in line
passing time.

So know, that my mind and space are not prime
as I scroll by your post to your timeline
Best practices would be, not to read
Into the flicking through of my FB Feed.

Nah, that’s just an excuse you might say
To avoid taking responsibility for the role I play.
Well, If you demand and expect that when I read my feed I’m to be at my best
Keep in mind, this all began with a “friend” request.

Our Great Escape

If remote camping isn’t your thing (it sure wasn’t mine up until last week), there is no argument that will sway you and no story to convince you. Outside of experiencing it, words like “Connecting, shifting, focusing, filtering, prioritizing, transforming…” are deemed ‘laughable’ by some, ‘typical’ by others. So when trying to put my thoughts of this past week into words a comment from a friend got me thinking.

“There is No way I would ever do that, I’d get a hotel or cabin…with electricity, internet…”

With a Hotel/Cabin

There’s Familiarity. Comforts. Routine.

Without Familiarity, there’s contrast

Without Comforts, there’s risk

Without Routine, there’s improvisation


With Electricity

There’s Laptops. Phones. TV.

Without Laptops, there’s no seat-anchor

Without Phones, there’s no interruption

Without TV, there’s only one narrative, yours.


With Internet

There’s News. Facebook. Amazon.

Without News, there’s no external conflict

Without Conflict there’s no debate.

Without Debate who needs Facebook.

Without Amazon well, who we kidding Amazon is everywhere.


 So in the spirit of re-entry to the real world:

@Rural Utah, I’ll be back.